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Highboy is one of India’s newest and most innovative manufacturers of modular furniture for kitchens. Its parent company, Anagram Systems, has been offering specialized world-class solutions in customized furniture to premium hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces since the year 1994. With Highboy, the company is expanding into the category of modular kitchen furniture that will cater to a wide range of budgets while retaining its focus on world class quality, efficiency, aesthetic designs, and customizable solutions.

Highboy aims to be in every Indian household, revolutionizing the way furniture is designed and bought in India. From essential furniture that is required in every home and office to the exotic and decorative furniture that will be a source of prestige and status, Highboy aims to provide every Indian with the exact kind of furniture they require and dream of. Highboy understands that furniture can be both essential and aspirational and aims to meet both these requirements with complete and customized solutions that last a lifetime.

Highboy offers modular kitchens in different designs that are sure to meet the requirements of any space. These range from L-shaped, U-shaped, to parallel and straight kitchens. Easily customizable to individual designs, these are kitchens that will last a lifetime and more!

Highboy takes care to meet and exceed the expectations of both its customers as well as employees through its manufacturing and design processes. With a manufacturing process that is automated, elegantly simple, complies to international safety standards, and hassle-free, the company provides an enjoyable working environment for its employees. With designs that are contemporary, long lasting, at cost-effective and attractive prices, it makes the buying process a stress-free and pleasurable one for its customers. Happy employees make efficient products that result in delighted customers.

Highboy has a whole slew of state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are used to create its sturdy, durable, and beautiful modular furniture. With world-class metal and wood working facilities located in India itself, the company aims to make in India while keeping global design and quality standards met at all times.

Highboy provides customers with end-to-end solutions in modular kitchens that range from design, production, and delivery, which is on time, every time. It ensures that quality standards are met consistently, finishes are of world-class standards, raw materials are chosen for their quality and durability, and world renowned German machinery is used in making the modular kitchens. This attention to detail and meticulousness is instrumental in making the Highboy brand of modular kitchens a much desired and loved brand already among discerning customers in India.

Whether it is for an apartment, a villa, a clubhouse, or a resort, the modular kitchens designed and manufactured by Highboy will be the center of attraction in every space. With products that are crafted under the watchful eyes of the master carpenters from Germany and designs that match the latest trends in the world, while also keeping with timeless classic lines, Highboy aims to create modular kitchens that will be the pride of every home.