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A&D Channel Partner Program


Collaborate, Earn, Live your Dreams

If you are an interior designer or an architect who is looking for opportunities to put your ideas into action, then you are at the right place. How? At Highboy, we provide an online platform where customers and designers/architects can come together to discuss and implement kitchen and home furniture solutions. Welcome to the Architect & Designer (A&D) Channel Partner Program.

A&D Channel Partner Program   FAQs


On joining the A&D program, do I become an employee of Highboy ?+

The answer is No. On registering with the Architects and Designers (A&D) Channel Partner Program, you become a collaborator/partner of Highboy. Unlike a salaried employee, you will earn a percentage of the total value of the project, that you are involved in.

What is the percentage of earning for an A&D Channel Partner?+

Architects and Designers have opportunity to earn 10% of the total project value, if the lead is generated by Highboy. If an architect or designer generates the lead, then the percentage of earning is 15%. The average ticket size of kitchen and furniture project is Rs. 3 Lakhs. This means as an A&D Channel Partner you can earn Rs. 30,000-45,000 per project depending upon the source of lead generation. If you execute 3 to 5 projects in a month you can earn anything from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 per month. Everything depends on your capability and willingness to do more.

How and when is an A&D Channel Partner paid?+

When a customer pays 50% advance on finalisation of a project, the partner gets 50% of his share of the total value due to him/her. On completion of the project and Satisfaction Sign-off by the customer, the partner gets the remaining 50%.

What are the responsibilities of our A&D channel partner?+

Highboy and A & D channel partners need to work as a team and do everything professionally required to complete a project to the complete satisfaction of the customer. For this, the A&D Channel Partner needs to ensure the following:


  • On receiving the project lead by Highboy, the partner needs to meet the prospective customer and understand the needs.
  • For this, the partner can use a Sales Kit containing samples and images of Kitchen designs and finishes.
  • Next, the partner will provide the requirement to Highboy team in text and drawing form and generate the quotation (Note: This process is only required if customer changes in standard design of Highboy).
  • The partner needs to follow up with the customer and collect 50% advance, through cheque, electronic bank transfer or credit card (using the payment option on HighBoy site). This is where the partner gets his/her 50%.
  • Within 48 hours of collecting 50% advance, visit the customer site and supervise accurate measurements.
  • Finalise production ready drawings, pricing and get Highboy and customer sign off.
  • Communicate with client regularly.


  • For production the partner will provide updated and final drawings to the Highboy production team. After this, no changes can be done.
  • Collect 50% final payment before delivery i.e. 4 days before the delivery date.
  • The partner will visit the customer site once during installation to handle any queries.
  • 3 days after installation of the project, the partner will visit the customer site to take the completion and satisfaction Sign-off from the customer, post which the partner can collect the remaining 50% of his/her dues.

What are the responsibilities of Highboy?+

Following are responsibilites assumbed by Higbody :

  • Business generation and development

    HighBoy will actively generate leads that will be passed on to the A&D Channel Partners.

  • Branding and Marketing

    Highboy will market and promote the business to generate effective leads

  • Sales kit for designers.

    Highboy will provide A&D channel partners with a Sales Kit containing samples and images of Kitchen Designs and finishes

  • Training to designers

    Highboy will educate and train A&D Channel Partners with product information and selling points required to convince customers.

  • Pricing and Image database

    Highboy will be responsible for the pricing of goods and services and any changes in the same. Highboy will also maintain images of all products that are developed.

  • Production and Installation

    Highboy will be responsible for the production, quality of raw material, finish, delivery timelines and installation at customer site.

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