Manufacturing Process April 11, 2016 – Posted in: General, Uncategorized

Our manufacturing plant at Greater Noida is equipped with sate of the art CNC Automated Machinery which has been purpose built to produce Cabinetry, Door Shutters and other Furniture items.
We also have state of the art Finishing line consisting of Three Head Sanding Machine with Segmented Pad Technology, Automatic Painting Spray Robot and air tight Heating Chambers for drying the painted parts. That’s why our door shutters and painted components have a unique, perfect finish, which doesn’t discolor over time.

Our step-by-step manufacturing process goes on as follows :

STEP – 1
Purchasing: The best quality products such as Plywood, hardware, edge band, etc. are sourced from top notch European manufacturers.

STEP – 2
Hot Pressing: The boards and the Laminate/Veneer are pressed together with PVAC Glue and then Hot Pressed with a Hydraulic Hot Press Machine for a uniform and tight bond resulting in a long lasting bonded surface.

STEP – 3
Cutting: The boards are cut in precisely right angles and in accurate dimensions on CNC Beam Saw and Panel saw resulting in sharp clean edges.

STEP – 4
Drilling and Routing: These functions are performed on CNC Machining Centre for pin point accuracy to house connector fittings and other hardware such as drawer channels, handles, etc.
Skilled craftsmen and precision machinery ensures perfect fit all times

STEP – 5
Edges: High quality Edge Bands are applied using Hot Melt Adhesives on Automatic Sin Station Edge Banding Machine for crisp and smooth edges.

Sanding: This is a very important step to remove all the indentations and to make the surface super smooth to receive a primer coat. Therefore, this step is performed on CNC 3 Head Sanding Machine with Segmented Pad Technology.

Spray Pint: Base coat and Top coats are applied on CNC Painting Robot. This robot sprays an exact amount of paint which is uniformly spread on the surface to be painted. This is why our shutters, doors and other furniture components have a unique, perfect finish that doesn’t discolor over time.

Drying: The positive air pressure in the dust free drying chamber ensures that the dust particles do not come near newly painted parts while drying.

STEP – 9
Packaging: All the cabinets are manufactured and then assembled at our factory in Greater Noida. Our dedicated and trained staff ensures everything is correctly and tightly packed together.

STEP – 10
Assembly: We build and assemble all our kitchen cabinets in the factory itself. Fully built cabinets mean lesser boxes. It also means that all the fittings are securely fitted and therefore, the drawers are hard wearing and very durable. Thus, there are no missing parts when reached on the site and complete cabinets are super quick and easy to install on site.

Adherence to the above manufacturing process helps us to achieve overall quality at every step. Moreover, every kitchen and furniture is rigorously inspected before it leaves our factory door.
The core of everything we do be it planning, production, order processing, and customer service is QUALITY.