The Wonder Strips Called Edgebands April 11, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Ever noticed that our furniture has covered edges which, otherwise, are rough in their raw form? Say hello to Edge bands.

blog As the name clarifies, these are the bands that cover the edges of our furniture. This is a simple but very important step in the manufacturing of any kind furniture.
Now you may think that why is edge banding so important. Well, obviously to beautify and to give a clean finish to the furniture and to make the corners smooth so that it doesn’t hurt anyone, but, it’s also very important if you see it from the technical aspect.
Even if the wood is treated to be water resistant, it is wood’s natural tendency to soak up moisture from the air. Thus, edge band prevents the moisture particles to enter from the open edges to a very large extent. This, in turn, helps in maintaining the durability of the wood.
There are a variety of edge bands available such as acrylic, wood, veneer; but the most widely used edge bands are the PVC ones.

A number of reasons make the PVC edge bands the favorite amongst most of the manufacturers:-
Since PVC is an impermeable substance, it reduces water consumption of wood to a much larger extent as compared to any other material.
PVC is much more bendable than the wooden or acrylic edge bands and thus, it is easy to work with on curved surfaces without the fear of breakage.
PVC edge bands give you a large variety of color and designs which is almost like an unachievable target for other materials and so it makes up for a perfect match for any color or design your furniture has.
Thus, these advantages help us achieve a more durable furniture piece which has a seamless finish to it.
At Highboy, we do our Edge Banding on an Automatic seven Station Edge Banding Machine which has 7 steps to give the furniture the seamless finish that it deserves.

1.Pre – Milling: The sharp edges of the wooden board are first smoothed to remove any undulation or burr marks caused while cutting.
2.Gluing Unit: Hot Melt glue is applied and Edge Band is pasted on the edges.
3.End Trimming Unit: The excess ends are trimmed from the board in this step.
4.Top and Bottom Scraping Unit: The remaining portions from the top and bottom are scraped to make the ends flush and clean.
5.Corner Rounding Unit: The corners are then rounded to soften the edges.
6.Glue Scraping: The excess glue is scraped out in this step.
7.Buffing Unit: All the edges and corners are buffed to give the final finish.