Why Prefer Plywood Over Other Materials? February 29, 2016 – Posted in: General

Because a good foundation results in long life of the structure! Of course we all know that Plywood is a little expensive than its much cheaper alternatives available in the market such as; Particle Board, MDF, PVC, etc. but choosing Plywood over these materials is just as getting your car insured! A few rupees extra will give you relaxed mind for many years to come!
Plywood Carcasses are much more robust in every sense as compared to its more “economical” counterparts. The carcass is seldom noticed but using a strong material provides structural strength that can easily bear the weight of heavy countertops and other things there on.
Plywood holds the screws, drawers and all sort of hardware as a good old friend even after years of tested usage! And thus, the hardware is less likely to loosen up its bond with the Plywood Carcass. On the other hand, screws and other materials used don’t go well with other materials in the long run of life.